“That’s a novel way to handle that” is the way we here at Is It Really Cake? like to treat interesting subjects when creating cakes.

We like to keep humor and smiles coming when clients see their finished creations. Also, it’s a good idea to have a positive approach because of some of the sensitivities our novel cakes are created from.

Fly trap

Ever have a neighbor who has dogs that do strange things? Two adorable golden labs, one of which loved having water squirted into its mouth and as a result was obsessed with water. Hence a comical chocolate cake fashioned after the plant named Seymour of the movie “The Little Shop of Horrors.”

The plant here is about to devour the lab while it is hilariously enjoying the water spray, depicted by spaghetti. The other dog looks on in a careless fashion. All edible except for the black water hose, which was created with black electrical wire. Colored fondant covered this cake that was quickly consumed.

For all you animal lovers out there, this dog was not harmed — or swallowed — in the making of this cake.


For garden growers, what about a trellis-covered chocolate cake with the vine of the kiwi fruit? A cookie bench to relax on and bread sticks for trellis posts. Yummy and crunchy.

The ground pathway are chocolate rocks are interspersed with colored butter-cream grass and vine leaves.

Depictions of three large kiwi fruit set as the cornerstone of this memorable cake, only to be enhanced by a border of sliced gum-paste kiwi fruit.

This cake was perfect for a gathering of friends one delightful summer day.

Weight Watcher

Weight watchers be on the alert! Two girl friends watching their beautiful shapes decided to order up this chocolate delight. Of course, Mr. Hungry of the Weight Watcher fame tried to tempt these ladies with a side of pizza, hoping that the term “losers” would destroy any morale the girls had built up. It didn’t work, of course, because these women look great! By the way, I later learned from these clients that Mr. Hungry is being displayed in a prominent place as a constant reminder — he was made of gum paste and can last forever, which is how long these ladies want to keep their current refined shapes.