Happy Anniversary!

We hope your anniversaries are filled with happy moments and happy memories, just like the ones we have of couples receiving their custom cakes.

You might be wondering: Why are there skunks on a plate with a hamburger and a small vase of flowers? And what reason could there possibly be for a rainbow trout to sit on a bench tying on ballet slippers? The couples who received these cakes know perfectly well, because the cakes were created just for them, depicting in both loving and humorous ways some of the memories they have shared.

Let us help you celebrate your next anniversary; we guarantee you’ll like what you see AND taste!

1953 Cadillac Eldorado

A classic car for a classic anniversary.

The 1953 Cadillac Eldorado, in Azure Blue, held special meaning for a couple celebrating their 50th anniversary. They appreciated the memory, as well as the detail — and taste! — of this edible version of the classic convertible.

Interestingly, the 1953 Eldorado was the production version of the 1952 Eldorado “Golden Anniversary” concept car … and the 50th wedding anniversary is known as the Golden Anniversary.

A perfect match, just like this happy couple!


Ballet fish

We enjoy creating custom, edible cake-toppers, like the rainbow trout you see here that was made to be kept long after the couple enjoyed their checker-board golden and chocolate cake. Made of poured sugar, the fish was first created as a clay sculpture, and then cast in food-grade silicone. Once the mold was ready, sugar was poured into it so that what came out was a hollow replica of the trout. Food coloring was used to paint the rainbow effect and sugar fins were added. The bench was made of ginger bread so the only things of this particular topper not edible were the tutu and the bench’s metal support … and of course the ‘flies’ that decorate the chocolate butter cream outside. The gum-paste ballet shoes were edible, though. Such a topper could be kept for years if kept away from heat, excessive moisture and the bleaching effects of the sun.



This cake was modeled from the winning 1951/53 British racing Jaguar. A two layer cake with British racing green colored fondant, chocolate butter cream filling, black modeling chocolate wheels with spaghetti spokes, modeling chocolate interiors, exhaust and steering wheel, homemade gelatin windshield and headlight lens, edible paper decals and flags from my printer and ground Oreo cookie pavement on a black fondant covered mounting board.

What can I say, this baby is TOTALLY consumable and it’s chocolate to boot! About 15″ long, standing 2.5″ tall, this fed about 16.

Oh yes, I applied a confection glaze at full strength to help bring out the shine. (Did you notice the tire tracks in the pavement?)

Hamburger cake

This hamburger — a chocolate cake with colored marzipan fixings — was ordered by a young, loving couple from India who was celebrating their third wedding anniversary. Needless to say, their culinary habits changed a little bit after they came to the United States. As for the skunks … a very funny story, perhaps they will write up that experience so we can share it on this site?

The anniversary hamburger platter was completed with wired sugar flowers in a sugar vase. The napkin and dinnerware were made of gum-paste.

Everyone present enjoyed this event.