Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but so are wedding cakes! In fact, our cakes are every bit as gorgeous as those sparkling minerals; they just don’t last quite as long.

But who would want them to? They are so-o-o scrumptious looking that they seldom last very long anyway. In one way or another, practically everyone wants a piece of it. Many taste buds are delighted by the flavors and many eyes are enthralled by the designs. You no doubt know that wedding cakes are among the most prominent featured photos in a wedding book, especially when the bride and groom try to fed each other a piece.

Some cakes are humorous, too. The more humorous, the more you know that there is a story to be told about the cake’s design.

Have a wedding coming up or know of a special couple getting hitched? Let us become their “best friend” by allowing us to create the wedding cake that will tickle the taste buds of all and become part of a lasting memory.

Fiona & Ninja wedding cake

This cake was the result of an interesting wedding cake request. From a friend of a couple who were recognizing their love for each other before God — this was the motive behind this cake — to legalize their married relationship. A simple eight-inch, round, two-layer cake. Since the bride and groom lived in wine country, grape vines and clusters were created on a white fondant-covered chocolate cake. The groom once announced that if he married he would go as a ninja, and the bride liked the character Fiona — from the “Shrek” movies — and her dress so much that, well you see how this worked out, only the bride had pink stripes running through her hair. I don’t think she had green ears though. (6/2010)