Special Events

Cakes ought to be synonymous with special events, don’t you think? Have you ever cuddled up in a favorite chair in the privacy of your own home with a delicious piece of cake? A special occasion, you bet!

The same can be true for special events with lots of people, as they are often celebrated with the giving or receiving of cake. Whether it’s a large gathering, a small celebration or even just a party of one, let us help you cuddle up and enjoy your next special event.


2015 Pioneer cake

For the 2015 Pioneer meal. I asked another baker to share in the baking of this cake; carrot, chocolate, and oatmeal cookies were made and I just added the decoration.

The Bible was chocolate cake covered with white butter cream with the front pages actual printed photo copies of real Bible pages but printed on edible icing sheets using food colors. The hand was shaped rice covered with colored modeling chocolate and the arm was chocolate cake covered with colored modeling chocolate.

The sower had rice as the supporting core and modeling chocolate for the clothing and body features. Real chia seed is in his pouch. Totally edible.

Networking group cake

This cake was for my former networking group. A group that proved to be around 35 instead of the expected 50-60.

It was an all gluten free chocolate and white checker board cake inside with white chocolate ganache covering.

First-, second- and third-place winners are represented with their business cards printed on edible icing sheets. The lower tier was for the member who is a bookkeeper, so I made her a gum paste pencil. The middle tier was for a computer website designer/developer, and for him I made a modeling chocolate wireless mouse. The top tier was first place and he is a financial coach who is also a real-life game coach for the Cal Bears … hence the chocolate caps with the symbol of a bear claw and the rice paper pointing hands. Edible of course.

The decorative sparkle in the back ground is not edible but helps to highlight the winner. Different, I suppose, but we are all professionals in our respective trades and I tried to be respectful of this when designing the cake. I was going to do more decorations but the structural strength of this particular gluten free cake was not supportively strong enough as what might have been with a regular cake. In all, I hope everyone liked not just the taste but was entertained by how it looked.

Bible cake

A cake for Bible students. The approach to this was to create a simple cake that had a curiousness about it. The Bible is often known for such appeal. Chocolate cake was suspended by an armature made of steel pipe and an open book frame of metal and wood. This helped to support the weight of this cake off the cake board, as friends actually cut the cake from this sitting. The hand was made of Rice Krispies covered with colored fondant icing. The non-edible butterfly added a sense of movement and life. (12/2009)

Chair cake

This specialty cake was entirely edible. The ginger-bread chair had a curved back and a total height of 18 inches. The chair pad is chocolate cake, and the books vanilla cake; both are covered in fondant. The pencil was made of gum paste. Chocolate animal cup cakes decorated the floor of the ginger-bread chair cake. Two dogs and a cat. “Trained” cubcake dogs waiting patiently for the OK to eat their tootsie-roll dog bones. The cat — which had a Starburst tongue, marshmallow cheeks and paws, and spaghetti whiskers — just finished its meal. (12/2008)

Cabinet cake

To celebrate the completion of this kitchen remodel, the installing contractor asked for a vegan cake that would copy the kind of kitchen wall cabinets installed.

He wanted something that would be descriptive yet attractive for the homeowner. So a two-part cake was created. The top part was to be a cabinet door of the style used in the kitchen and the bottom was the box of the cabinet, which would hold an edible picture of the finished kitchen.

The door itself was shaped from vegan marshmallows and rice krispies. The pull is gum paste. The cabinet box was vegan chocolate cake covered with white chocolate with an edible picture of the finished kitchen (not shown). (8/2011)

Spaghetti cake

For pasta lovers everywhere, but in this case, also a going-away treat. This realistic-looking golden vanilla cake was as edible as a real plate of spaghetti — even the plate, silverware and napkin are edible. The only thing left to do was to lick your fingers because there would be nothing left for the dishwasher to wash. Fondant noodles covered with thinned “red sauce” frosting, with nestled chocolate balls as the meat. Powdered sugar was the finishing touch, to represent Parmesan cheese topping. (8/2007)

Studied Bible cake

Four layers, two tiers. The bottom tier was made of 3 kinds of chocolate: rick dark chocolate cake, bitter sweet chocolate gouache filling and semi-sweet glazing for the outside covering. The top layer, the Bible, was vanilla cake with thin raspberry fillings and a single butter-cream filling. All covered with butter-cream. The trim was chocolate butter-cream lightly flavored with peppermint. The butterfly is made of gum paste—but it was the only thing not edible on this cake because of some small wires in it. Ecclesiastes 3: 13 was their chosen scripture theme of the occasion and so this is featured. I added actual edible print-outs of the pages in the large print study Bible subtly highlighting in pink food coloring the text at John 17:17. I tried to create a Bible cake that would look like a personal, worn, ‘study’ copy. What do you think, did I get close to achieving this? (9/2012)