As you turn a new page in your life at retirement, you might as well enjoy a piece of cake while thinking about what will be on that new page, right? While you’re at it, enjoy two pieces.

Now you have the time to think about your hobbies, your travels, the activities you enjoy like golf, your family and friends, yourself. Splurge and get that cake you always wanted, decorated the way you wanted, and the taste … savory and satisfying, just as our baker at Is It Really Cake? can make it. Go ahead, we know you want to do this. At this time in your life, pull up your favorite rocking chair and have a nice cake that can take you back to what you once enjoyed. No worries, for we can make the cake vegan or gluten free.

Active thought helps the metabolism, especially when you are deep in thought while enjoying one of our cakes.

At least this is our logic. Let it be yours too.