Baby Showers

Would it be agreeable to say that anything with the word “baby” in it elicits cuteness? And what is not to like when these two words are coupled with CAKE?

This is what we try to do here when these little ones to be are the subject. You give us the idea and we will create a yummy experience for all.

Panda cupcakes

These chocolate cup cakes are adorable, because, for one thing, they are cup cakes. Second, they are in the shape of panda bears, so how lovable are they?

The creative look of the panda cup cakes actually came from elsewhere, but this did not lessen the effect on the receiver’s end.

These cute cakes were surrounded by a non-edible bamboo setting, which the family could keep as a planter or memento. The feet were Oreo cookies, and the pandas’ eyes and ears were assorted candies.