Sugar Flowers

Our sugar flowers make a lasting impression

Flowers are among the most wondrous things around us. They grace our tables, our yards, even our offices. From the islands to the mountains to the deserts and on every continent there are flowers.

One young man approached me and asked how to get a girl interested in him. I told him he could start by giving her flowers. And if he really wanted to impress the young lady, I told him to learn how to make sugar flowers. When done right, sugar flowers come pretty close to replicating real flowers, in all their beauty and delicateness. But unlike real flowers, sugar flowers can last for years.

There are many good books on how to make sugar flowers, as well as classes you can take. Tools and the proper methodology are important, and a lot of this has to do with ones’ creative ability. Here at Is It Really Cake?, we continue learning and experimenting to develop our talent and knowledge of sugar craft.

Sugar creations are often very fragile, but they can be visually stunning. Many of our sugar flowers inspire disbelief, as do our all-sugar vases, but rest assured, they really are all sugar! So allow our slide presentation above let you stroll through our delightful, ever increasing garden of sugar flowers. Enjoy.

Orange Hibiscus

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