How would you describe a graduating student? Excited, enthused, hungry for a taste of the future, happy, ready to take on most any challenge?

Sounds like you are describing someone who should be eating one of our cakes. Whether the graduate is young or old, we can offer a cake that challenges their mind and heart. “Is the whole cake real and edible?” is just another way of describing our purpose in creating cakes for this special group of people.

Hollywood cake

This mountain of deep chocolate cake — six layers worth — proved to be tasty for more than 150 guests at a 2010 graduation party. The theme for this party, and cake, was “Hollywood,” so everyone dressed for the occasion and the cake took its setting as the Hollywood Hills of Los Angeles. The hills are made using multiple colors of chocolate frosting, with green interspersed, and chocolate boulders. Two mountain climbers, of gum-paste origin, are scaling the cliff, and Iron Man is soaring overhead. The picture of the two graduates was printed on edible paper using food colors, topped with gum-paste graduation caps and then mounted on a slab of Rice Krispies mixed with marshmallows. It was said that when the graduating girl saw this cake, she immediately sliced off the heads and ate one of them. Kids will be kids, I guess. (7/2010)

Parkour cake

For a graduating youth, this cake was truly adventurous. Its theme highlights the art of Parkour — a form of quickly moving through an area with no other assistance than with one’s own body. This cake was actually three sheet cakes put together so that it spanned 60 inches. This picture shows the parking lot, which was in the middle of this cake. The lot was chocolate cake with crumbled Oreo cookies to simulate the asphalt. The individual cars were small cakes covered with thin fondant. A bread-stick light pole and handicap parking are also seen. The right end of this cake features a vanilla sheet cake with graham crackers for the mansard roof, bread sticks for the tables and bridge railings, textured fondant and gum paste jumping figurines. The left end (not completely shown) was chocolate rocks bordering a stream of gel frosting seeded with cheese fish crackers. A man jumping onto a chocolate rock roadway was on his way to met his friend, who was resting at a ginger bread table, for he too had just finished running this course.