Theme cakes usually go along with a planned event and capture the gist or main idea behind the reason for the gathering.

These are fun cakes for us to create, because we get to combine our creativity with our clients’ imaginations, helping us come up with a result that often prompts the question, “Is it really cake?” Don’t worry, we get that a lot.

Darth Vader

You might have guessed, but this cake was created for a gathering that included a “Star Wars” theme. We wondered about the best way to epitomize that movie, and landed on villain Darth Vader in cake form. This was fine with the client, but with a twist: The cake had to be modeled after the Lego version of Darth Vader, to mirror some of the kids’ favorite toys. The other challenge was to bake a cake with no soy in it, to accommodate allergies. No problem. We carefully checked — and double-checked — the ingredients with the client, and came up with a soy-free golden yellow cake, with Vader-appropriate coloring sprayed on with food coloring. Apparently, party-goers used the force, and resisted the Dark Side, because the last thing we heard about the Darth Vader cake was: “They ate it!”


Slap in the face

A somewhat unusual cake request, you may ask? We thought so too.

Among the many challenges we faced in creating this cake was determining just how to illustrate a Bible verse, which was the request we received. Ever illustrate a Bible verse? This verse dealt with the well-known character of Bible fame, Jesus. The cake pictured the theme of a Bible class, which was discussing Isaiah 53:3 at that particular time. Turned out, though, no one wanted to eat Jesus’ head. In retrospect, perhaps not the best idea for a cake, but it was interesting to develop it, nonetheless.