Chocolate Work

One cannot help but to discover rich aromas, tastes and textures when delving into the world of chocolate. Coupled with some artistic talent, this discovery becomes all the more a savory experience.

We have only scratched the surface of what being a chocolatier is all about, but we are already finding that people are making a similar comment when this medium is added to our cakes: Is It Really … Chocolate?

Discover with us the whimsical, the realistic and the inspiring world of chocolate.

Chocolate mice

Mice have spoiled many a dinner party by their presence, but these ones tend to do just the opposite. Made from dark, milk or white chocolate, our mice are a welcome sight at any event, particularly ones that include chocolate enthusiasts.

While the artistic claim for this creation is not ours, we nonetheless have continued with this fanciful delight made of Hershey’s chocolate kisses, a chocolate-covered maraschino with the stem (important to leave this on) and two almonds as the ears. Fairly quick to put together, the mice tend to multiply, but they also tend to disappear quickly.

Chocolate globe

This 6-inch globe with its sugar stand is entirely edible. (The displayed pencil is real and is only there to show relative size). The globe is hollow, made of colored candy melts, and accurately depicts the earth as it now looks. Everything was meticulously painted with colored candy melts, the Hawaiian Islands, the Sahara Desert of Africa and even the Polar regions of Earth. Tempered chocolate was considered for this piece but could never have held up under the warmth of the summer County Fair. The globe was made to enhance the theme of the award-winning cake for 2009.

A gift of comfort

This 8-inch round chocolate cake covered with chocolate butter cream was only enhanced when an opened Bible made of rich dark chocolate adorned its top.

The flowers were butter cream, as well.

This cake was presented as a gift of comfort, and it proved to be a delightful, savory experience for its recipients.