“You are forever pushing past the boundaries of what I think can be done with cake design, and I find myself more impressed the longer I view your finished products. I’m partial to the sugar flowers — they are beyond exquisite — and I really enjoy seeing the improvements in your work with each new concoction.”


Honolulu, HI

“I’ve come to expect amazing, and you keep delivering!”


Novato, CA

“Very good Bob. Great piece of work. Different and interesting, as usual.”


San Rafael, CA

“Awesome cakes! My absolute favorite, the spaghetti and meatballs cake. Outstanding!”


San Rafael, CA

“It’s a mob of happy snow-people. I like their new faces.”


San Rafael, CA

“Robert Hansen designed and created a cake to celebrate the completion of my new kitchen. The design was amazing. The top was a cabinet door that looked exactly like one of my new cabinet doors. It was entirely edible, even the nickel-colored handle.

Inside the opened door, on top of the main cake, was a photograph of my new kitchen that had been printed on edible paper. Everyone at the party was amazed at the cake’s design, and it tasted good, too. Bob is very versatile. I had asked him if he could make my cake vegan, and he delivered a delicious, vegan chocolate cake with vegan icing.

I’d recommend Robert Hansen’s IsItReallyCake if you’re looking for a decorated cake for any occasion. I’ve seen others he’s created, and each one was fantastic.”


Novato, CA

“Thank you soooo much for the wonderful cake! It was an amazing and very delicious cake. I tried to taste each section and they all tasted GREAT. Thanks again and again for all your hard work, time and effort.”


Novato, CA

” ‘Wow! Even the vase?’ That’s what everyone says when I show them my sugar flower in its sugar vase. The flower is beautiful and it looks so real it’s even hard for me to believe it’s made of sugar.”


Novato, CA

“Very clever and original.”


Myrtle Point, OR

“They were blown away! Handed out several of your cards. Thank you so much.”


Mill Valley, CA

“OK that’s totally spectacular.”


San Rafael, CA

“Another yummy great. Well done.”


San Rafael, CA

“Wow! That is truly amazing. What a gift you have. Continue pursuing and who knows where it will take you.”


Grass Valley, CA

“I have to say that is a very unusual wedding cake! It was a lot of work, I’m sure. The bride and groom have quite a sense of humor. Your cakes prove to be quite an artistic outlet for you. Yummm!”


Modesto, CA

“Those cake pops are cool Bob. The boys were big fans of course. We had to take them off the table to prevent the youngest from coming around every five minutes for more.”


San Rafael, CA