Cake Pops and Petit Fours

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Ever get dressed up and then find that you have nowhere to go? Well, this is certainly not the case with these “Pops”.
The snowmen and snowwomen are dressed and decked out, as some may say, for an all-consuming event! They are lined up and some are just waiting for their hats. They are flavored with the richest dark Dutch chocolate cake and their heads are Maraschino cherries. Flavor rich white chocolate, like the smoothness of fresh snow, is their garment, from head to “toe?” Oops, no toes they have but they do stand with the help of a friendly hand. To face the cool weather they each have a scarf made of colored fondant with a chocolate top hat for the men and candy chocolate for the women.
A little snow had fallen for each of the men has a small candy snowflake on their hats.
Even though they are in a long line their expressions, at least most of them, are ones of glee and happiness. The all-consuming event they will be going to … is into your welcoming hands to be savored. Enjoy this season for like real snow-people they are only around during the winter months. And see more “snowpeople” here.


Lambs 2What can I say but that these little creatures want your attention, they actually crave it. With some of dark and some of milk chocolate, or of golden cake they are each very delicious.
Hershey kisses adorn as their heads and white nonpareils as their wool.
Ever had “leg of lamb?” Well, their legs are little seeds of caramel, just as lean and just as tender. Their ears are mini M&M’s.
You can almost “bite” one, for they are all cute.

Something for the Dentist

A special cake incorporating larger cake pops…that just happens to look like teeth. This cake, although not here shown, was finished with pink fondant in the interior behind the teeth and the pink fondant was placed in and around each tooth to simulate gums. Dark chocolate cake was used with white chocolate to cover each tooth. In the mounting of each tooth, they started to turn and misalign, as you can see in this photo. Well what better place to be for crooked ‘teeth’ than a dental office, right? And this cake was enjoyed by all that worked there. So you’ll never know where or how our cake creations will appear next, but we’ll keep you informed as you continue to visit our site. Is It Really Cake? You bet it is!

Petit Fours

These were developed to fit a need, a need for something smaller than a regular sized cake pop. As well as being known as petit fours they could be also called horsd’oeuvres or appetizers. Tiny cup-cakes of dark chocolate that fit on a tooth-pick, with a little frosting and a rainbow of happy nonpareils don’t they look inviting? Bet you can’t eat just one!

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