In Progress

Let’s suppose you had an idea for a cake design and it did not fit within the round or square formats of many cakes today. How might you go about doing, what might be called, a sculpted cake?

Well, you first need some cake, duh. Then some frosting, store bought or from scratch—used to ‘glue’ cake pieces together, a board on which to place your creation and a few kitchen tools, including a serrated knife to carve with. These are the basics but there is a whole lot more you could acquire to perform your magic. Now here comes the most important ingredient, your imagination! Don’t worry too much about your ability as yet for, if you notice, whatever you create, however it looks, it is sure to be welcomed and delicious. See the picture of my first sculpted cake on the about page of this website.

The steps you take may be similar to the ones shown here; it’s of a travel cake I did for someone moving to Oregon traveling by car through the Mount Shasta scenery. A step not shown though is that after you have carved your desired shapes and ‘glued’ them in place; lightly cover everything in frosting or butter cream, this is called crumb coating or sealing the cake to help prevent crumbs from getting elsewhere. Then, if you can, stick your sculptured cake in a refrigerator or even the freezer, if it fits, for a few minutes. This will help firm up the cake and allow further decorating without pieces moving around too much—not necessary to do this though.

Have fun!